4 Bowl Screw Counting Packing Machine

It is an efficient and accurate automatic packaging machine designed for counting and packaging small parts such as screws and nuts. Through the coordinated work of four vibrating plates, the equipment can process screws of different specifications at the same time to achieve fast and accurate counting and packaging. It is widely used in hardware, electronics, auto parts and other industries.


  • Hardware manufacturing: automatic counting and packaging of screws and nuts of various specifications.
  • Electronic industry: accurate counting and packaging of electronic components and parts.
  • Auto parts: automatic packaging of small auto parts.
  • Others: suitable for counting and packaging needs of various small parts.


Multi-channel design: equipped with four independent vibration plates, each of which can be set separately to meet the counting requirements of screws of different specifications, greatly improving production efficiency.

High-precision counting: Using advanced fiber optic sensing technology to ensure that every screw can be accurately counted. The error rate is extremely low to ensure packaging quality

Intelligent control system: equipped with human-machine interface (HMI), easy to operate. Users can set parameters and monitor operations through the touch screen, supporting multiple counting and packaging modes。

Strong compatibility: Suitable for small parts such as screws and nuts of different sizes and materials. The flexible adjustment capabilities of the vibration plate and counting system enable it to meet a variety of production needs.

Stability and durability: The equipment has a solid structure and is made of high-quality materials to ensure long-term stable operation and durability.

High degree of automation: From feeding, counting, packaging to sealing, the whole process is automated, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency and stability.

Working principle

  1. Vibration plate feeding: Four vibration plates are responsible for screws of different specifications, and the screws are transported to the counting channel in an orderly manner through vibration.
  2. Counting system: Each vibration plate is equipped with an independent sensor and counting device. When the screw passes the counting point, the sensor accurately records the number.
  3. Central collection: The counted screws are collected to the packaging area through the guide rail.
  4. Packaging and sealing: The packaging machine automatically puts the counted screws into the packaging bag and seals it. The whole process is efficient and smooth.


  • Improve production efficiency: Multi-channel design and high degree of automation significantly improve production speed and reduce labor costs.
  • Ensure packaging quality: High-precision counting system ensures the accurate number of screws in each bag to avoid missing or overpacking.
  • Flexible and adaptable: It can be flexibly adjusted according to different production needs, with strong adaptability and a wide range of applications.

The 4 Bowl Screw Counting Packing Machine can not only greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, but also ensure the packaging quality of the products, bringing significant economic benefits to the enterprise.