Building Block Counting Packing Machine

The building block counting packing machine is a device specially used for counting and packaging building blocks. It uses advanced sensing technology and automated control systems to quickly and accurately count each building block and package it into specified quantities.

This machine has an excellent packaging speed and can count and pack a large number of building blocks in a short time. This is undoubtedly a great advantage for manufacturers who need to produce in large quantities.



Packing sizeL: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mmL: 50-300mm, W: 50-200mm
Max film width300mm420mm
Packing materialPA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PEPA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE
Counting capacity1-20pcs/bag; 1-40 kinds/bag1-20pcs/bag; 1-40 kinds/bag
Packing speed10-60 bag/min10-60 bag/min
Machine sizeL*W*H: (n/2*600+2200mm)* 1500* 1650mm, n=the Qty of vibration bowlL*W*H: (n/2*600+2200mm)* 1500* 1650mm, n=the Qty of vibration bowl

PLC Control System

7 inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.

Fiber Counting System

Vibrating bowl with high accuracy fiber counting device (Optex).

Bag Making System

Optional Equipment