Hardware Weighing Packing Machine

It is suitable for hardware mixed packaging of 1-40 items. It adopts PLC control system and is easy to operate. Can provide automatic sorting, counting, packaging and printing

Packing size:L20-180mm; W50-140mm
Power supply:AC220v/50hz/2KW
Packing speed:10-60 bags/min
Packing type:Mixed/Single/Compartment
Packing material:PP/PA/PE/CPP/PET
Counting capacity:1-20pcs/bag; 1-30kinds/bag

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Automatic hardware packing machine is a fully automatic packing machine that can count or weigh screws, nuts bolts, washers, furniture kits, hardware parts, fasteners and small parts according to your requirements, pack in bag or box. High precision and fast speed, saving you labor costs.


PLC control system

Screw Counting Packing Machine PLC

7 inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.

Fiber-optics Counting System

Vibrating bowl with high accuracy fiber counting device (Optex).

Chain Bucket Conveyor Line

Using silent high-strength material feed box transfer the items to the machine.

Bag Making System

Sophisticated vertical and horizontal sealing framework achieve the consistency of bagsealing.Adjustable stainless steel bag former.

Sealing & Cutting Device

Temperature control, neat back sealing, sharp knife block, make strong packing bag

Packing sizeL: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mmL: 50-300mm, W: 50-200mm
Max film width300mm420mm
Packing materialPA/PE, PP/CPP, PET/PE
Counting capacity1-20pcs/bag; 1-40 kinds/bag
Packing speed10-60 bag/min
Machine sizeL*W*H: (n/2*600+2200mm)* 1500* 1650mm, n=the Qty of vibration bowl