n the modern industrial environment, we understand that many shop workers work hard to count and package hardware. Despite the huge efforts of workers, daily output is still difficult to increase. Isn’t there a hardware packaging solution that can replace workers and achieve automation and intelligence?

What is an intelligent hardware packaging machine?

We are proud to introduce an intelligent hardware packaging machine provided by Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery, which is a versatile solution that can automatically complete counting and packaging tasks. Not only that, this machine can significantly improve daily production efficiency while saving the salary cost of 4-5 people.

Why choose our hardware packaging machine?

Our engineers carefully designed this machine with 6 counting bowls, which can count 6-9 different specifications of hardware, fasteners and screws at the same time. Depending on the length and diameter, some counting bowls can also flexibly count 2-3 different sizes of fasteners or screws. We always insist on customizing counting machines according to screw sizes to ensure high-precision counting, and provide a support platform to facilitate workers to directly install hardware and screws.

Smart operation and cost savings

To further meet customer needs, our engineers designed support platforms that allow workers to install fasteners and screws directly onto the machine. The matching text printer can edit information on the touch screen, including company logo and screw information, to achieve intelligent operation. This operation is not only convenient and fast, but also helps customers save the cost of purchasing roll labels and production time.

Customer satisfaction results

Recently, we provided this smart hardware packaging machine to a customer in the Philippines who wanted to count and bag 9 types of fasteners and screws. Each bag contains 10 products, and 5000 bags need to be packed every month. In their factory of 4-5 workers, this machine plays a huge role, bringing them great convenience and efficiency improvement.

If you also want to introduce such an efficient and intelligent machine into your factory to complete the counting and packaging of hardware, please feel free to contact us on our website. Our engineers and sales managers will support you throughout the entire process to create an efficient production future together!

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