Unpacking machine(with safety gate)

Function introduction
The unpacking machine, also known as the carton forming and bottom sealing machine, is a special packaging equipment that can automatically complete the unpacking, forming, folding of the bottom flaps and sealing with tapes and then transporting them to the packing machine during the production and packaging process. Essential packaging equipment for automated large-scale production in modern enterprises

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Features of this machine
1. Excellent for unpacking and forming and back sealing of soft cartons
2. The carton storage adopts the vertical storage method, and the empty carton can be replenished at any time.
3. The suction box, forming and back cover are all processed automatically in one go
4. The safety door is installed around, and the door and stop function can be selected as an option.
5. The fault point can be found through the touch screen, and the fault can be easily eliminated
6. With or without tape detection alarm and carton no material alarm function
7, can be customized according to user requirements
3. Technical parameters
1. Model: ZYK-09M
2. Applicable carton: (L) 200-450 (W) 150-400 (H) 100-380mm
3. Table height: 620mm
4. Sealing speed: 600-720 boxes/hour
5. Mechanical size: (L) 2000 (W) 1900 (H) 1200mm
6. Power supply: 220/380V, 50/60Hz
7. Air source: 5-6kg/cm2 150L/min
8. Use tape: choose one of 48mm, 60mm, and 75mm
9. Mechanical weight: 380kgs
Fourth, the main advantage configuration
1. Pneumatic components adopt Taiwan AirTAC
2. PLC adopts German Siemens brand
3. Contactors and switches adopt French Schneider
4. The photoelectric sensor adopts Japanese Omron or German Shike brand
5. The touch screen adopts the German Siemens brand
6. The geared motor adopts Taiwan Ruzhan brand