Some customers are very confused, can the fastener counting and packing machine pack screws and irregular hardware and plastic parts together?

As we all know, some furniture, doors and windows need irregular hardware and plastic parts to be fixed together, such as door locks and hardware hinges. Often, customers have workers manually count screws and irregular hardware and bag them. However, it is difficult to improve the daily production, and there are often mistakes in the number of workers. Can the machine avoid these problems in production?

Let us walk you through the capabilities of the machine so you can understand how our machines work and pack fasteners and irregular hardware together. Shanghai Feiyu Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of furniture fastener counting and packaging machines.

First, our fastener packaging machines can count a wide variety of screws and fasteners with high precision. Because our engineers will customize the counting machine according to the size and shape of the screw. Customers only need to enter the number of screws directly on the touch screen. The screw will exit the reverse conveyor.

Second, to allow irregular hardware to fit into small plastic bags. Before wrapping the odd-shaped hardware with plastic film, we must determine the orientation. Shaped hardware is known to be larger and longer than screws and fasteners. There are many uncertainties with fastener packaging machines.

Screw packaging machine

So how to make the fastener packing machine pack irregular hardware?

Our engineers have designed the automatic conveyor belt on the machine, and the conveyor belt size is customized according to the irregular hardware. By the way, there are supporting platforms next to the machine. Just one worker places the irregular hardware on the conveyor belt after it passes through the counting machine and is secured with screws. So the conveyor belt will bring the screws and fasteners to the bag making machine and pack them into bags.

This way, workers can ensure that irregular hardware is placed in the correct orientation before it is packaged. It can avoid irregular hardware from getting stuck in the bag making machine when it falls into the bag. At the same time, this will help merchants save film costs and make packaging smaller. However, we have no control over the orientation of long irregular hardware, the machine will pack it into larger bags. There is a lot of empty space in the bag.

In order to avoid the wrong amount of finished screws. There are weight checkers to check the weight of each bag. If the weight is over or under, it means the quantity is wrong and the weight check will output directly to the wrong product. If the weight is right, the finished product is transported to the packing station.

If you have a strong interest in the fastener counting packaging machine, you can click on our company website to leave a message for us. Our engineers and sales managers will contact you as soon as possible and recommend suitable packaging solutions to you according to your requirements.